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What we’re excited to see at CES 2017

CES 2017

As the festive season fast approaches, most people are counting down the days until a rosy-faced Saint Nick tumbles down their chimney and fills their home with delightful gifts. Not here at Ranieri towers, though. We are (literally) counting down … Continue reading

It’s the season for…Christmas


While CES is imminent, Christmas is also just around the corner. But in PR-land, we’re always a couple of months ahead and so have Christmas pretty much already wrapped up! We kicked off the season properly in October, with a … Continue reading

The future of VR in gaming and beyond


Sony recently launched PlayStation VR, a virtual reality gaming headset at a price most of us mere mortals can actually afford. The headset plugs into the PS4 (with a lot of wires) and lets players instantly immerse themselves into alternate … Continue reading

Kiwi PR taking on London


Hi, I’m Lauren – a new account exec at Ranieri. I’m from New Zealand, where our native language is Te Reo Maori. The word ‘tumeke’ (too-meh-kee) in Te Reo means “too much”. You could take this two different ways: “too … Continue reading

The rumours of IFA 2016


We’re gearing up for IFA here at Ranieri HQ as many of our clients head over to the bright lights of Berlin for a week of consumer tech madness! We’ve been kept nice and busy with the likes of Libratone, Harman Kardon, MyFox, Misfit, Cobra, Philips and Seek Thermal to announce new products and show off what they have in store. Continue reading