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iBaby generation- do gadgets make kids smarter or lazier?

Posted on by Pietro Ranieri

Do you remember the days when you had to look in an actual encyclopaedia for information? When “google it” wasn’t even a term? There seems to be two sides to the technology debate- those that think that immediate access to information online helps us become more knowledgeable and those that think it makes us lazier as researching is so much easier. Continue reading

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Etymotic to launch ETY•Kids™ Safe-Listening Earphones at IFA

Posted on by Pietro Ranieri

ETY·Kids are engineered for safe sound output to allow parents to protect their children’s long-term hearing health IFA, Berlin – 1st September 2011 – Etymotic Research will launch its latest advancements in family hearing wellness solutions at IFA, Berlin, hall … Continue reading

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