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28-29th September: The Ranieri Summit

Date Posted: 2 October, 2017
28-29th September: The Ranieri Summit


September 12th. Apple’s Keynote, at which the bezel-less iPhone X was launched. September 27th. Amazon’s hardware event, from which a new range of Echos was born. 28th-29th September. The inaugural Ranieri Summit. The coming together of the UK team, the recently acquired French agency, Reflexion Publique, and our content partners, BlueJam. A momentous collision of great minds and a date to remember for all those involved in the communications industry.

Via a series of workshops, talks and an evening meal, the two-day summit represented an opportunity to reinstate the core Ranieri values, take stock of where we are to date, and unveil the pipeline for the next few years. As such, we’ve decided to collate our top five learnings from the summit to give you a taste of what it is that makes us so excited to work where we do.

Ensure you retain your core values

While the overriding theme of summit #1 was certainly that of growth and celebrating the steps Ranieri has taken over the last couple of years in particular, the importance of retaining our core values and ensuring we remain ‘Ranierians’ was given just as much weight as anything else. Our Group MD, Pietro Ranieri, in his talk on the vision of Ranieri, repeatedly stated how one of his key aims while growing the business is to ensure the unique Ranieri values are protected. This sentiment was echoed by Adam Graham, CEO of The Marketing Group (TMG), who, while laying out TMG’s own vision, emphasised the importance of each agency’s unique values, and why this should be protected.


…though be adaptable in a changing industry

For all of the above, there are no two ways about it; it’s imperative for a modern agency to learn to change and adapt with the times. One such feature of this is the ever-growing need to integrate services, something which will be looked at in more depth later. However, whether it be Jessica Taxell from Jigsaw, who discussed from a brand’s perspective how communications agencies can best win work and retain their clients, to Adam Graham, who emphasised the growing importance of technology within the workplace and how being nimble in the current world is such an advantage, the ability to adapt was a common feature of the summit’s content, and key in the modern world.


Remember the value in what you provide to clients

We know we know, this is something that should be fairly obvious to all those working in communications, though it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day and forget that we are crucial components of our client’s business structures. As Jessica emphasised, agencies are hired to see to needs that the clients can’t appease themselves. Elsewhere, Jaime’s workshop on how to ‘take a step back’ when developing proposals for new clients was a great introduction to understanding that, if their aims and view of success are established early on, value is easier to measure and track. Whether this be because of manpower, time, location or expertise, we are key to our client’s success, and an invaluable member of their team.


Integration is key

Now in the depths of the digital age, sticking to traditional PR, and at that traditional press, is a sure-fire way to fall behind the rest of the pack. Being able to integrate various services, such as content creation and social media, allows us to offer so much more, and ultimately increase our value further. Our content creation partners, BlueJam, presented on their own background and attended the two days in full, and did a sterling job in providing us all with an insight into the benefits of having such a team alongside our own.

Our panel discussion with representatives from Social Circle, an influencer marketing agency, educated us on the benefits that working with new media can offer, and the various elements of communication and expectations that go with that. Finally, Debbie’s presentation on Cricut, our first client, a number of years ago, to be fully integrated across PR and social media, further emphasised this point, and was an excellent case study to see how this is done right. Being adaptable is a key component of this also, though there’s no doubt that integrating skillsets outside of traditional PR is proving more and more necessary.


Be a team member

For all of the learnings on how to adapt, progress and remember just how amazing we are over the two days, the thread which ran through each of the talks, and well in to the evening, was the importance of being a team member. Spending time with the French agency, BlueJam and all of our excellent speakers consolidated the bonds that are so crucial to the success of any team, and develop the want to invest in Ranieri from all of those involved.